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Initial Impressions - Curb Appeal

1. Remove weeds and prune any plant overgrowth.
2. Pressure wash driveway and sidewalks.
3. Add shutters or accent trim.
4. Clean out gutters or replace old gutters.
5. Create a walkway to the front door.
6. Add color by creating planter beds along the driveway or immediately in front of the house.
7. Repaint or upgrade any deteriorated porch railings.
8. Install low voltage landscape lighting to illuminate a walking path.
9. Replace or repaint the mailbox if needed.



Repaint The House - Inside & Out

10. A fresh coat of paint can be one of the least expensive ways to make a room look new again. Remember you want buyers to imagine themselves in your home, so try to stay away from bold colors and stick to neutrals.
11. Repainting the front door and adding new hardware can make the front entrance more inviting.
12. White trim can make rooms look brighter and fresher. 
13. If the exterior of your home looks dated you may want to think about repainting it. If this is not in the budget, consider pressure washing the exterior and repainting the trim.


Maximize The Light

14. Clean the windows- inside and out. 
15. Remove any thick curtains and replace with translucent shades that provide privacy, but still allow natural light to come through.
16. Replace old light bulbs with high wattage bulbs.
17. Add mirrors to the walls to reflect light.


De-clutter & Organize

18. De-cluttering takes little to almost no expense, but it can be time consuming and it's one of the most important things a seller can do before putting a home on the market. Start early and really take a look at what you actually need in the home. 
19. Organize closets completely. Buyers don't want to open a closet door and have clothes or shoe boxes falling out.
20. Box up items that you don't plan on using in the near future. 
21. Maximize every space you have for storage. Mudrooms, laundry rooms, and hallways should all show how much storage space there is.


Updating Kitchen & Bathrooms

Renovated kitchen and bathrooms are high priorities for buyers. Why? Because they are usually the most used rooms in a home and are costly to upgrade. If you don't have it in the budget to completely overhaul an outdated kitchen or bath, here are some less expensive alternatives to consider.



22. Replace and update the hardware on the cabinets.
23. Add new stainless steel appliances.
24. Reatain or repaint the cabinets. 
25. Replace an old sink with a stainless steel sink.
26. Update the backsplash. Stick-on tiles are less expensive than actual tile installation without looking inexpensive.
27. Clear the countertops of any and all clutter. You want buyers to see all the counter space available.

A cozy living room with a light-colored couch, pillow, blanket, coffee table, side table, hardwood flooring, and white walls.


28. Add a decorative frame around the mirror for a more updated look.
29. Open shelves can create the illusion of a larger space. Decorate with candles, colorful towels, and pretty soaps.
30. Update and replace the hardware on the drawers and cabinets.
31. If it's broke, fix it or replace. A leaky faucet or a toilet that is not up to par should be replaced or fixed. Buyers will notice.
32. Replace the shower curtain.
33. Clean everything. The grout on the tile, the shower, bathtub, shelves, everything should sparkle.


Clean. Then Clean Again.

34. Dust light fixtures, ceiling fans, trim around the windows, corners of the walls and door jams- anything and everything that collects dust.
35. Focus a lot of cleaning duties on the kitchen. Clean out the cabinets and drawers of the kitchen. Even the dreaded "junk drawer" should be organized and clean. Make the sink and counter tops sparkle and remove any unwanted residue. 
36. Buyers focus a lot on the floors of a home. If you have carpet consider getting them professionally cleaned. Hardwood floors should shine and may need to be refinished if there is too much wear and tear.
37. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are perfect to clean spots on baseboards, doors, walls and trim.
38. Have your most honest friend come over and do a full white glove check. Sometimes it helps to have another pair of eyes to look things over.

A two-story gray house with white trim, red door, covered porch, walkway, manicured lawn, and trees in the front yard.

Know The Market & Hire A Professional

39. Knowing the right numbers for the current market is one of the most important aspects when pricing your home.
Some sellers believe that over pricing a home can net you more money in the long run, but that isn't the case. Buyer's are more knowledgeable than ever when it comes to purchasing a home and they have done their research. You should always work with a professional Real Estate Agent when it comes time to sell your home. A good Real Estate Agent will tell you what to expect and how to price your home accurately so you end up with the most profit when selling your home.

A large, two-story house with a red brick exterior and porch.

Have A Pre-home Inspection

40. Having a pre-home inspection before putting your house on the market can save sellers time and money in the long run.
Buyers, especially those that aren't super handy, can be spooked by the smallest details. Knowing what needs to be fixed right off the bat can alleviate some of that stress for the seller and for the buyers. This doesn't mean the buyers still won't have their own inspection, but at least with a pre-home inspection, you are much more prepared.

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