A Guide to Fitness Centers & Gyms Near St. Croix Valley

The St. Croix Valley, renowned for its scenic beauty and outdoor activities, is increasingly becoming a hub for fitness enthusiasts. From traditional gyms to specialized fitness centers, the valley offers a range of options for individuals keen on maintaining their health and well-being. Whether you’re a local, new in town, or just visiting, the valley has something for everyone. In this guide, we explore the different fitness centers and gyms near the St. Croix Valley to help you find the ideal environment for your workout needs.

ETS Performance - St. Croix

ETS Performance in Stillwater, MN, is keen on aiding the St. Croix Valley athletes in reaching their full potential. They offer a variety of training programs designed to enhance athletic performance​. The facility is devoted to nurturing athletes across all sports and ability levels. Their mission is to deliver cutting-edge training in strength, speed, power, deceleration, and movement mastery in a challenging yet positive ambiance that elevates performance, fosters character development and enhances lifestyles​​.

ETS Performance - St. Croix is known for its unique training methodology that sets it apart from other fitness centers. Their services encompass a variety of training programs tailored to meet the individual needs of athletes, aiding them in realizing their full potential. Their facility is well-equipped, providing a conducive environment for rigorous training sessions.

Solo Yoga + Bxing:

This boutique studio in Hudson is designed to accommodate all body types and abilities, offering a blend of yoga and boxing classes. Owner Edie Brennan has a background in teaching yoga to individuals in residential and outpatient treatment programs, influencing the inclusive approach at Solo Yoga + Bxing. The studio offers a range of classes, including two yoga flows, yoga sculpt, HIIT flow, boxing, and yoga boxing. During summer, they take yoga outdoors with their SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga classes on the river.

St. Croix Recreation Center

The St. Croix Valley Recreation Center, situated in Stillwater, MN, serves as a hub for a myriad of recreational and athletic activities catering to all age groups. This multifaceted facility boasts a large dome field house, two NHL-style ice sheets, and manages a third sheet of ice at the Lily Lake Ice Arena, providing a conducive environment for both ice-related sports and other recreational activities.

It stands as a cornerstone in promoting health and wellness within the community, offering a space where individuals can engage in physical activities, socialize, and foster a sense of community. The variety of facilities available makes it a versatile center for different sporting events, practices, and recreational activities, thus playing a pivotal role in promoting an active lifestyle among the residents of the St. Croix Valley.

Allina Health - St. Croix Campus

Allina Health - St. Croix Campus, located in the scenic locale of St. Croix Valley, MN, is a noteworthy healthcare facility offering a range of fitness, wellness, and medical services. They provide adaptive fitness centers, personal training, and wellness services that cater to individuals of all ages and abilities.

Their goal is to assist everyone in meeting their health objectives, fostering a community of healthier individuals. With a focus on providing personalized care, Allina Health - St. Croix Campus extends beyond traditional medical services, embodying a holistic approach to health and wellness. The provision of fitness and wellness services alongside medical care makes it a one-stop destination for individuals looking to enhance their overall well-being in a supportive and professional environment.

River Valley Athletic Club

River Valley Athletic Club, located at 1826 Northwestern Ave in Stillwater, MN, is a well-rounded fitness facility that's open to members who are keen on enhancing their fitness levels. They offer a variety of programs and services to cater to their members' diverse needs. Some of the offerings include group classes, personal training programs, Pilates, homeschool fitness, and several swimming-related activities such as group swim lessons, private swim lessons, a junior swim team, and a triathlon swim clinic.

One of the unique programs offered by River Valley Athletic Club is the Fluid Fitness and Nutrition program, a 12-week initiative designed to bolster the strength and health of participants. This program encompasses personal assessments and nutritional consultations, among other components, to ensure a holistic approach to fitness.

Each of these centers provides a unique angle to fitness, making the St. Croix Valley a versatile location for health and wellness. Whether it’s the community atmosphere of CrossFit, the tranquil focus of yoga, or the family-friendly recreation centers, you are bound to find a space that resonates with your fitness aspirations.

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