Call it The Great Together, The Minnesota State Fair, or a Deep Fried Food Fest, but whatever you call it, it is amazing. An annual tradition, we have our usual weekly Edina Realty meeting at the State Fair and we couldn't be giddier. There are shows, rides, games, but mostly there is food. Sweet, deep fried, put on a stick, drizzled with something, and results in making you say nothing but "Uff Da" kinda food. Here are our 10 favorites that we tested out. Enjoy!

1. Big Fat Bacon

The name says it all. It's Big. It's Fat. And it's Bacon. Saturated with mouth watering maple. This is not just a breakfast of champions, it's a must for anytime. Located at the Big Fat Bacon stand on the south side of Dan Patch Ave between Nelson and Underwood.

2. Deep Fried Pickle Slices

Located at the "Pickle Preferred" on the southwest corner of West Dan Patch and Ligget,  these yummy pickle slices come in plain, cajun style or with a cream cheese filling. Get the variety pack for the full deep fried goodness experience.

3. Blue Cheese and Corn Fritz

If you haven't had one of these amazing fritters at the fair, stop what you are doing and go down and grab one. Seriously. Leave work, call in sick, run out the door, whatever it takes to get these delicious morsels in your mouth. Served at the Blue Barn at the West End Market, south of the History and Heritage Center. 

4. French Toast Bites

Another win by Blue Barn. These heavenly bites were named "#1 Best New Food" in 2015 by MSP magazine and we believe it. Served with a berry sauce, whipped cream and topped with pop rocks. You may fall into a diabetic coma after devouring all of them, but it's totally worth it. 

5. Slow-Roasted Pork Mole Tamale

A new addition this year and named as one of the top new fair food by "Twin Cities Eater". This Mexican cuisine starts off with a corn tamale and is topped with mole sauce, slow roasted pork, and a roasted corn, black bean, and pineapple salsa. The Pork Mole Tamale is located in The Garden on the corner of Dan Patch Ave and Underwood. ¬°Delicioso!

6.  Maple Cream Nitro Cold Press Coffee

Lagging from all that walking and fried food? Then this caffeinated drink is just the pick me up you need. Found at the Farmers Union Coffee Shop on the north side of Dan Patch between Copper and Cosgrove, this coffee is a combination of locally sourced heavy cream, cold brew coffee infused nitrogen and maple syrup. We'll take five!

7. Mini Sconuts

You know you can't go wrong when a word combines two incredible foods- scones and donuts. And in mini form no less. These buttermilk scones are deep-fried and filled with chocolate, marshmallow, and Nutella (yes, you read that right). They are worth every sinful calorie and can be found at the French Meadow Bakey and Cafe on the north side of Carnes Ave between Nelson and Underwood. 

8. Foot Long Hot Dogs

Because after a day of grazing you sometimes you just a need an actual "meal" at the fair. Foot long hot dogs are a fair staple and they never seem to disappoint. Hot Dog Stands can be found through out the grounds at either About a Foot Long Hot Dog or Foot Long Hot Dogs.

9. Candied Bacon Donut Sliders

There are some foods that change you forever, Candied Bacon Donut Sliders are one of them. Everything is in the title. Small donuts filled with candied maple bits, topped with some powdered sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce. These game changers can be found on the west side of Underwood between Carnes and Judson Ave. 

10. Cheese curds

Unfortunately, we didn't get around to actually picking up any cheese curds (which is still a regret I bear), but feel that it is a Minnesota State Fair must. The best ones can be found at The Mouse Trap Cheese Curds, located in the food building. You can order them in buckets. Enough said.