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Carrie Killian

Carrie Killian

Realtor - Marketing Specialist

As our Resident Marketing Specialist and licensed Realtor, Carrie is responsible for assisting in the creation and implementation of our premier Marketing Platform for our sellers. Her focus is on having marketable content for our listings- including a high-quality print campaign and strong online presence. She is also highly committed to helping buyers find their dream home.

Carrie was born in Isanti, Minnesota, but as a toddler, her family left their midwest roots to move to the warmer climate of Arizona. Over twenty years later and after becoming an avid runner, she flew up to run the inaugural Stillwater marathon. She fell in love with the town and announced that one day she was going to make it her home. After graduating from ASU, she met her future husband, a Wisconsinite. As they planned their lives together, the decision was made to make the move to Stillwater, Minnesota. 

Carrie has now been a Stillwater resident for over three years and she enjoys almost every minute of it. She still hasn’t fully become used to the winters, but the summers and fall make up for it. She has two kids and loves raising them in a community that is so passionate about their schools and education. Her favorite things to do in Stillwater are running along Brown’s Creek Trail, visiting one of the many unique restaurants downtown, and watching her children play at Teddy Bear Park.